Celestino bar

Celestino, located in the heart of Medellín's tourist district within the botanical-themed Celestino Hotel, offers a seductive experience like no other. With an array of unique cocktails inspired by botanical aesthetics, each sip is a journey into uncharted flavors. From the magical and refreshing to the dark and complex.

Celestino promises a captivating experience for those who seek unforgettable moments. Explore this enchanting world of mixology, where the allure of Celestino is at its finest.

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Selva Negra

Embark on a journey into the mysterious Selva Negra, a cocktail that will tantalize your senses with its dark and seductive color.With a perfect balance between smokiness, sweetness, and complexity, this experience will immerse you in an uncharted taste.

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Barba Roja

Be bold and dare to uncover the enigma behind Barba Roja. A cocktail with a deep, dark red color that will immerse you in a world of aromatic notes and a slight acidic touch. A unique blend with the spirit of Tequila Jimador that challenges you to discover its secret ingredients.

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Bella Donna

Succumb to the seduction of Bella Donna, a cocktail that fuses light green and amber in a dance of mysterious flavors. Experience freshness and stimulation with every sip as you enjoy its unique recipe. This expertly crafted elixir is the perfect choice for those seeking an unforgettable experience.

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Indulge in the magical and refreshing experience of Celestino, a cocktail with a beautiful pink hue. Every sip immerses you in a fruity, sweet world with a touch of saltiness that will make you want to savor it. Discover the perfect balance between freshness and the desire to relish every moment.

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